TELETREET develops first-class research based interventions aimed at improving quality of life and reducing the impact of psychological challenges. We are not just another “self-help” site – we combine standardised interventions with an opportunity for feedback and individual sparring. This is in our opinion best practice care. We assist individuals as well as offering packages to public health care and private organisations.

Psychological challenges

Reduce the impact of psychological stress with research based technology and individual feedback. We can for example help with stress, anxiety, depression and OCD.

Our aim is to improve your quality of life – help you make real and desired changes – while reducing the impact of unwanted psychological experiences.

Treatment assisted with technology

Our web based platform gives you the opportunity to deal with challenges when challenges are present. We are always on. It effectively helps clients make decisions protecting against psychological set-backs and maintaining momentum towards improved quality of life.

Interventions are based on the most recent developments in the understanding of psychological disorders and treatment. We combine exercises, individual feedback, sound and educational illustrations developed by specialists and researchers.

You will not get stuck

Have you ever planned to follow a self-help programme and then given up? Our online groups and real people motivates you to stick with what is helpful. When you are stuck and not making progress our staff can step in and provide guidance and feedback. We strieve to offer the most effective and motivating programmes available.